Monday, March 29, 2021


Time to plan your hair routine! If you want long healthy hair I have a prescription!
I have most of my clients using Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate System and the RESULTS are pretty amazing. The shampoo, conditioner, and leave- in treatment are a system you can use at home to repair, replenish, and bond your hair every time you shampoo. 
I also have an IN SALON highly concentrated treatment that I cocktail for you. After determining what your hair is lacking I mix the appropriate amount of PROTEIN and MOISTURE to treat your hair we seal it with a PH balancer and the results are immediate.
I provide this COMPLIMENTARY  with all chemical services. (This is a $30 value.)
 I love the reaction my clients ha
ve when they touch and feel their hair for the first time♡ 
If you want beautiful hair you have to replenish it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021





Is your hair dry? Damaged? Or perhaps lacks moisture due to medication or even the environment? 

 It’s important to hydrate and strengthen your hair! Let's restore the luster you lack.

 Redken is introducing the haircare regimen to repair damaged hair and provide immediate results for a total hair transformation! 

Discover the all-in-one hair solution and experience Redken’s most powerful haircare. Available February 2021, NEW Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate is the must-have system for moisturizing and repairing all types of damaged hair. This all-in-one system provides ultimate repair and intense conditioning for all hair types and textures.

This three step regimen is formulated with Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid within Redken’s concentrated Bonding Care Complex, a technology that strengthens the weakened bonds of the hair and improves the strength and resilience of damaged hair for immediate visible results. When used as a 3-step system of shampoo, conditioner and conditioning leave-in treatment, Acidic Bonding Concentrate’s pH-balancing formulas infuse hair with the intense conditioning and the ultimate repair that dry, damaged hair needs. Plus, for all the hair color enthusiast clients out there, it’s suitable for color-treated hair, helps protect from color fade, and is sulfate-free.
Experience immediate results and ultimate hair transformation with 56% less breakage, 82% less visible split ends, and 11x smoother hair when using the REDKEN Acidic Bonding Concentrate System ♡
  • The sulfate-free Acidic Moisture Concentrate formula contains 10% Glycerin to help replenish moisture for 3X more moisture, while providing nourishment and softness.  
  • The Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate formula contains 9% Cationic + Amino Acids which help to improve strength & provide protein repair.
  • The Acidic pH Sealer is formulated with an ultra-low pH of between 3.0-4.0 which helps to seal the hair cuticle to lock-in treatment benefits and add instant shine.
  • This new Professional Strength Concentrates system can visibly reverse surface damage in a single treatment.
I have been using this for a week and the results are AMAZING! Good news is I have it available for you too! 
Let's Polish Our Crowns!!!! 
Xoxox Angie

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Out with the old, in with the new!

Who else is ready to say good riddens to 2020???? I am so excited for a brand new year. Let's be realistic though we are not just going to wake up in 2021 and all our problems be gone. However I feel like the year we just went through has transformed us so much giving us the strength to take on anything. 2021 will be our SUPER YEAR! We let go of the things that don't matter and make room to enjoy all the great things in our lives. One thing I am looking forward to is GRAND OPENING of my Hair Studio!!! We are getting so close! Most likely Feb 1st♡ I have so many things in store for you. It will be a beautiful little get away for you♡ I promise you will feel so relaxed and peaceful during your visit to Extreme Attitudes. I am finalizing all the details and the pretty things now. One brand new really cool thing will be THE COLOR WHEEL... more to come on that♡ 
I hope you all have a fantastic New Year! Xoxoxox

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Does your hair need shine? Polish your Crown!

With winter upon us our hair often lacks shine. Below are three great remedies from Redken! Let's start with the  oil first...feels like a serum...a favorite go to of mine. Chances are if you sit in my chair your hair already knows this product. A few drops to start and a few to finish leaves your hair glossy! 
For those who do not like oil I love to blow dry the Polishing Milk into the hair. Super lightweight leaves the hair soft and manageable. 
Last but not least Shine Flash. The citrus scent is so pleasant. Shine Flash leaves a light sheen on the hair, also helps the brush glide through the hair. For those who love a spray this is for you♡ 
 This multi-benefit hair oil is perfect for all hair types and textures. This hair oil protects hair from heat, seals in moisture and helps tame frizz.

This lightweight anti-frizz hair polishing milk cream for all hair types delivers mild control, incredible hair shine and sleek smoothness that also repels humidity.
  • A light cream for mild control 
  • Adds incredible shine and sleek smoothness
  • Shea butter smooths and controls frizz 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Blonde Secrets♡

To be the best blonde you can MUST polish your crown!  Your must have secret weapons are: A HYDRATING MASK, A CLARIFYING SHAMPOO, and, PURPLE SHAMPOO AND OR MASK. 
Nothing ruins a beautiful blonde like DRY brittle looking hair. Dried out hair adds YEARS to us! We must use a nice hydrating mask because the blonding process dries us out! Also blonde hair tends to be slightly more porous absorbing EVERYTHING including mineral and iron from our water. A good clarifying shampoo like Redken's Detox once a week does wonders to remove build up. My routine is Clarify, shampoo, then use my Redken Blondage Ani-Brass Mask. This mask has pigment that will brighten your blonde up and get rid of the brass. Keep your blonde on point! Use your secret weapons! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Education Wednesday♡

Time to Polish your Crown! Wednesdays are educational days for us! Today I want to talk about what steps you can take at home to protect your hair. Hair much like skin it is all about the PH level. You must balance your hair. Your hair should live at a ph of 4.5 to 5.5 on a scale of 1-14. 
7 is neutral anything lower is acidic, and higher is alkaline. Stay with me it is all about the science. 
Think of it this way your hair shaft opens and closes. When it is open it appears to be frizzy, and dry. Anytime your hair leans towards the alkaline side of the scale your GARAGE DOOR IS OPEN. We need to close it. 
When you do chemical services you raise the ph anywhere from 8 to 14 depending on service. You now must CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR. *CLOSING THE DOOR KEEPS YOUR COLOR IN*
How do you close the door....MATH...if you raise to a 12 and need to be at a 5 your regular conditioner (3.5ish) will not do it. It will lower it but not to a 5. This is when your TREATMENTS come into play. Every chemical service should be followed with a treatment to close that door. 
This locks your color in by sealing your hair shaft down. 
What can you do at home? Masks! Masks are slightly more acidic than most conditioners♡ Also for those with fine hair Redken makes an Apple Vinegar rinse that is simply amazing. Zero weight with a PH level of 2
Holy crap yes a 2!!! This makes your hair super shiny balances PH and is ZERO weight. Everybody lets close those garage doors and have a fantastic hair day! Always POLISH YOUR CROWN♡

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Polish Your Crown♡

My Boys Jack is 22 and Ross 16. Boy let me tell you I did not get off easy having boys....they care about their hair just as much as girls haha! JACK moved to LA a few months back and sent me a picture of his ORANGE HAIR! They tried to take him blonde and that did not work out so well hahaha. When he came home boy did I have a color correction on my hands! Ross my 16 year old decided he wanted a perm...he found his IMAGE with that 1st perm and now every 3 or 4 months it is perm time. They also LOVE my hair products. I can barely keep them stocked. For the curls its a mixture of Redken Rough Paste and All Soft Oil. For Jack it is my CONDITIONER...... honestly I love it though. They take pride in their hair.


Time to plan your hair routine! If you want long healthy hair I have a prescription! I have most of my clients using Redken Acidic Bonding C...